Tuesday, 18 April 2017

White Eagle

White Eagle
Published March, 2017

What an amazing response to this novel... Long awaited, it begins in Kurdistan.... weaves its way dangerously through Europe, and explodes in the rural backwaters of England....
A must read from Paul Anthony that soared to #7 in the kindle store on the day of publication. 

So what does White Eagle mean?
The man with no name?... signature killer...? non religious terrorist for hire.....? serial killer...?
 terrorist group....?     gangland slang....?   Bird of prey..... ? 
White Eagle?

Cumbrian detective working with the Special Crime Unit and various elements of British Intelligence.  
SYNOPSIS –  When a desperate young man is forced out of his home in the mountains, he claims ‘Qisas’ and sets out on a bitter journey of revenge. As he terrorizes a continent with his wicked plan, the evil megalomaniac becomes an iconic figure synonymous with fear and dread. In a fast-moving, white knuckle ride, the unknown assassin leaves police and intelligence services reeling from the sheer pressure of relentless attacks.
What is White Eagle? Is it the name of a bird of prey? Or is it a mysterious individual who has no name? There are those who think White Eagle is a newly formed terrorist group working for the highest bidder. Whichever, it’s a mystery no-one can solve.
Mouretti, the man from NATO, takes up the case and is determined to claim all the glory.
The plot explodes when Boyd and his team from the Special Crime Unit become involved. All hell breaks out as three single-minded individuals, each propelled and fuelled by revenge, fight for victory.
Who will win and who is doomed to failure? In the chaos that surrounds the investigation, does anyone walk away unscathed?

Amazon Review: Once again this is another brilliant story about William Boyd and
his colleagues, the author  has really put together another great story and taken us
 to a different part of the world to get the excitement going in the book -
it was really good to read - got for my  holidays but could not wait to start
reading it so  looking forward to the next one keep it coming Paul,,once again
a fantastic book .

Amazon Review: Another great read from Mr Anthony. Written with a great knowledge
of the subject, this is well-paced, engaging and difficult to put down. The characters
are well thought out and believable and the story weaves effortlessly between
 locations. Great stuff.

Review: Boyd continues his unique career in this story of love, hate, loss, devastation, betrayal, trust, and loyalty. Paul Anthony’s latest novel takes his reader from the dizzy heights of a mountain range to the quiet backwaters of rural England as he portrays one man’s journey from birth to adulthood. This is yet another First-Class novel from Paul Anthony. 

 Review: An excellent action-packed thriller from the pen of crime-writer Paul Anthony. This is the kind of book that entertains, informs, thrills, fascinates, and delivers a tremendous read.