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Tuesday, 3 November 2015


There' are hundreds of different cocktails, 
so many that you'll get dizzy trying to keep up with them all

The following Prosecco cocktails 
are pretty easy to make and don't require
a lot of preparation or mixtures
For YOu
for party time
a prosecco COCKTAIL LIST
3 measures of Prosecco,
3 measure of Peach Schnapps
and a dash of Grenadine
in a Cocktail glass

3 measures of Prosecco
3 measures of fresh orange juice
a dash of vodka
a dash of Peach Schnapps
in a Champagne glass

2 measure of Peach Schnapps
1 measure of Vodka
3 measures of fresh orange juice
in a Cocktail glass

3 measures of Prosecco
1 measure of Vodka
2 measures of fresh orange juice
I drizzle of Grenadine
in a Cocktail glass

Half fill with Orange Juice
add a drizzle of Grenadine
Half fill with Lemonade
in a Tumbler
Peach Schnapps
Orange Juice

'Affordable party time'
without the confusion of what to mix with what.
And where is Prosecco from?
There's Prosecco and there's Prosecco,
but like Champagne, genuine Prosecco
originates from a specific region in Italy, 
as below.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Threat Level One

Threat Level One 
Crime Thriller
September, 2015
Published by Paul Anthony Associates

When Master Sergeant Jack Dooley uncovers a startling secret in the desert wastes of Iraq he unwittingly triggers an alarm that resonates throughout the western world. It doesn’t take long before Boyd and his elite Special Crime Unit find themselves handling the investigation. But who is the man from Tikrit the police and intelligence community are desperately searching for? Is he really an Islamic assassin with orders to take out the leaders of the western world? As the Cumbrian counter-terrorist detective chases down the enquiry he enlists the aid of multiple intelligence agencies only to uncover a right wing plot to take over the government. Boyd soon realises that the man from Tikrit is an unknown quantity– and he certainly isn’t the only threat that needs to be thwarted.
A race against time follows with Boyd and his colleagues arguing with the Home Secretary and officialdom when multiple threats from a variety of lethal sources are uncovered. Short of resources, short on patience, and short of time, Boyd casts an eye on the national threat level as it slowly rises from the peace and tranquillity of threat level five. Then, as the nation’s threat level hits ‘critical’, it becomes blatantly obvious that Boyd and his team must do all they can to protect the United Kingdom’s Royal Family. It’s only when Boyd meets aristocracy and enlists the help of a Knight of the Realm that he realises the country really is at Threat Level One and there’s a very highly placed traitor in the midst of it all.
Threat Level One – Based on the true story of the national threat level, the men and women who make it, and those who try to break it.

Reviews: Paul Anthony never lets the reader down. Unmissable and unputdownable, suspense until the very last page, ..... (Independent Review - Pauline Livingstone)

Reviews: Another fascinating read from Paul Anthony - full of intrigue and suspense.... (Meg Johnston)

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Another excellent read by Paul Anthony. A gripping, multifaceted tale of espionage and covert operations which come together in a fast pace finale. It was good to see how Boyd and his team have developed and good to meet new, strong characters. I literally couldn't put it down!
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Really good read,couldn't put it down until finished. Cumbrians will recognise most of the setting

Monday, 17 August 2015

Chiari Warriors for Medical Research

Chiari Warriors
An anthology from Paul Anthony Associates
Published September 2015

This blog is a story in itself - the story of fundraising for medical research into the condition known as 'Chiari Malformation' - a rare condition in the human body that requires neurosurgery - brain and cranial surgery following an MRI scan. This blog is part of a wider information package for fundraisers - as well as book readers and charity supporters - as we do our best to 'conquer chiari.'

Please read on and see how our fundraising is taking shape.

This is an anthology of short stories by 18 authors from across the globe - the UK, the USA, Canada, and Europe - The tales they tell are both non fiction and fiction. Many are based on real life experiences. Others are based on vision and a wondrous source of imagination that these very special authors bring to their readers. Some of the stories they tell will make you cry, others will make you laugh. But some of their writing will actually terrify you when you realise that some of the accounts they recall are actually true stories from real events in their lives. Indeed, there's something for everyone here: tales of love and war, of honour and disobedience, of hate and humour, of desire and desperation. They have produced a roller coaster of emotion on their journey to complete this anthology. It's a book to savour and enjoy, page by page. Above all, this anthology contains the true story of a young boy who suffers from Chiari Malformation - a condition for which there is currently no known cure. The work itemises the condition and the problems associated with this horrible human condition. Written by the self-styled Chiari Warriors, the book seeks to raise funds for health practitioners and research analysts. Accordingly, proceeds from the sale of this work will be donated to the Birmingham Children's Hospital Research Unit (a registered charity in the UK) in order to fund dedicated research into this life-threatening condition. The results of this research are shared across the globe between UK institutions, the Chiari Institute in New York, and elsewhere. If you do nothing else today, download this one to savour whilst doing something worthwhile for the children of the future.

The Clinical Research Unit at Birmingham Children's Hospital
Setting up our fundraising activities with
Mr Stuart Reynolds (CEO. BCH Charity and Mr Guirish Solanki, Neurosurgeon)

Some of our anthology authors from Cumbria presenting a
signed copy of 'Chiari Warriors' to Daniel following his second compression surgery
and long term subsequent recovery. Not a book signing event - a very successful fundraising
event in Carlisle - for Chiari research
One of over 50 prizes auctioned at our 
fundraising charity drive
A Harlequins Rugby Shirt
signed by all the team.

Ryan Dollard of ITV Border News compered
the charity fundraiser = he is running the auction in 
the above photo
At the above event, held at the Auctioneer, Carlisle, 
on 4th September, 2015, we raised the sum of £4,138.62.

Before you download this anthology for our charity drive, come and meet the authors
 You'll find all their books in the carousels to the right of your screen. Just click on a book cover to be taken to the amazon kindle store

Mike McNeff, America
Amy Metz, America
Wayne Zurl, America

C C Champagne

Carter Novels

Marion Tervitt, Scotland
Edward Lightfoot

Dave Miller
Joan Cook

Jean Reinhardt, Republic of Ireland

Sandy Kilpin Miller

Ray Gregory
Steve Sharpe ((with Ben)

Roger Price, England

Paul Anthony with Meg Johnston

 Come and meet some of our great supporters
Matt Shields
Harlequins Rugby Team
presenting his Wembley shirt to our Chiari Sufferer

Steve Borthwick - ex England Rugby Captain and now
Forwards Coach for Japan Rugby Team, with his team mates
sending a message from across the Atlantic

What is Chiari?
Watch this - all you need to know about Chiari

Chiari Awareness Video

Check out the following Facebook group where more fundraising is taking place - JOIN


Sunday, 1 March 2015

The February Collection

Derwentwater by Gillian Easterbrook
Welcome to the February Collection - a bag full of images from a retired police officers' group who enjoy photography. The February competition was sponsored by Paul Anthony Associates and won by Gillian Easterbook with the above photograph of Derwentwater, near Keswick, Cumbria. But the competition was fierce as you can see from a remarkable collection of snaps below.
Old Packhorse Bridge,Carrbridge near Aviemore by Mike Crozier
The Commando Monument, Spean Bridge by Paul Brown

Lioness - Botswana by Jules McFee
Pillar from Ennerdale by Paul Turner

Full Moon by George Nevins

Carlisle Airport by Adam Clembo Cleminson

Bowness by Steve Sharpe
Sparrowhawk by Jules McFee

On Hadrian's Wall, near Lanercost by Mile Crozier
Honister by Ray Gregory

Cathedral Cave, Little Langdale by Christine Nelson

Ice on the car by Anita Owen

Icicles in the Pond by Anita Owen

The River Leven, Dumbarton

Skiddaw from Braithwaite by Andy Brown

Sparrowhawk by Steve Sharpe

Earnslie Bay, Walney Island by Sue Bowman

Orton Scar by Bob Pallas
Sunset at Brampton by Paul Crabtree

Don't forget - Have you got these books yet? Coptales and Uncuffed? Proceeds towards our charity. And a new donation - Sunset, a collection of police poetry from the Sixties to the turn of the century.