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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Books for Charity

Paul Anthony Associates
Charity Books

The following books are on sale in the Amazon Kindle store and the Lulu print store.
Prices range from 99 cents (76 pence) to $3.75 (£2.50). All proceeds go to the charities described below. The books are written by current and former members of Cumbria Constabulary and police colleagues from various parts of the UK and America, as well as colleagues from Europe and Canada.

Each book is an anthology. The books can be downloaded onto your kindle. You'll find all the book covers in the carousels to the right of the screen. Just click on the book cover to be taken to the Amazon UK kindle store.

The two main charities are the Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity (Dedicated Chiari Research (Brain and Cranial Surgery)) - and UK Cops (For families of officers killed on duty) Both charities are registered charities in the UK.

We give you our work. Can you give these charities support in exchange?

For Chiari Research
For Chiari Research

For Chiari Research
For Chiari Research

For UK Cops
For UK Cops
And these are the authors.... Some of them, as you can see, are serving police officers - others are retired - but behind these photographs lies a thousand stories of yesterday.. Come and meet them. Not just authors but people who, behind the smiles and casual gear, have served their countries in the nursing profession, in the US Royal Navy, with the Infantry in Vietnam, in the RAF during Desert Storm, in the British Army in the Middle East, in the police service across the globe - overtly and covertly - and.... Well, the bios are in the books....

Edward Lightfoot

Dave Miller

Ray Gregory

Stewart Rawes

Steve Sharpe

Sandy Kilpin-Miller

Amy Metz

Carter Novels

Marion Tervitt

Mike McNeff

CC Champagne

Roger Price

Wayne Zurl
Joan Fallon
Jean Reinhardt

Scott Whitmore

Simon Hepworth
Paul Anthony - Meg Johnston
Chiari Malformation 
Awareness Video

MY VIEW is your view.
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Friday, 21 August 2015

Threat Level One

Threat Level One 
Crime Thriller
September, 2015
Published by Paul Anthony Associates

When Master Sergeant Jack Dooley uncovers a startling secret in the desert wastes of Iraq he unwittingly triggers an alarm that resonates throughout the western world. It doesn’t take long before Boyd and his elite Special Crime Unit find themselves handling the investigation. But who is the man from Tikrit the police and intelligence community are desperately searching for? Is he really an Islamic assassin with orders to take out the leaders of the western world? As the Cumbrian counter-terrorist detective chases down the enquiry he enlists the aid of multiple intelligence agencies only to uncover a right wing plot to take over the government. Boyd soon realises that the man from Tikrit is an unknown quantity– and he certainly isn’t the only threat that needs to be thwarted.
A race against time follows with Boyd and his colleagues arguing with the Home Secretary and officialdom when multiple threats from a variety of lethal sources are uncovered. Short of resources, short on patience, and short of time, Boyd casts an eye on the national threat level as it slowly rises from the peace and tranquillity of threat level five. Then, as the nation’s threat level hits ‘critical’, it becomes blatantly obvious that Boyd and his team must do all they can to protect the United Kingdom’s Royal Family. It’s only when Boyd meets aristocracy and enlists the help of a Knight of the Realm that he realises the country really is at Threat Level One and there’s a very highly placed traitor in the midst of it all.
Threat Level One – Based on the true story of the national threat level, the men and women who make it, and those who try to break it.

Reviews: Paul Anthony never lets the reader down. Unmissable and unputdownable, suspense until the very last page, ..... (Independent Review - Pauline Livingstone)

Reviews: Another fascinating read from Paul Anthony - full of intrigue and suspense.... (Meg Johnston)

Monday, 17 August 2015

Chiari Warriors for Medical Research

Chiari Warriors
An anthology from Paul Anthony Associates
Published September 2015

This is an anthology of short stories by 18 authors from across the globe - the UK, the USA, Canada, and Europe - The tales they tell are both non fiction and fiction. Many are based on real life experiences. Others are based on vision and a wondrous source of imagination that these very special authors bring to their readers. Some of the stories they tell will make you cry, others will make you laugh. But some of their writing will actually terrify you when you realise that some of the accounts they recall are actually true stories from real events in their lives. Indeed, there's something for everyone here: tales of love and war, of honour and disobedience, of hate and humour, of desire and desperation. They have produced a roller coaster of emotion on their journey to complete this anthology. It's a book to savour and enjoy, page by page. Above all, this anthology contains the true story of a young boy who suffers from Chiari Malformation - a condition for which there is currently no known cure. The work itemises the condition and the problems associated with this horrible human condition. Written by the self-styled Chiari Warriors, the book seeks to raise funds for health practitioners and research analysts. Accordingly, proceeds from the sale of this work will be donated to the Birmingham Children's Hospital Research Unit (a registered charity in the UK) in order to fund dedicated research into this life-threatening condition. The results of this research are shared across the globe between UK institutions, the Chiari Institute in New York, and elsewhere. If you do nothing else today, download this one to savour whilst doing something worthwhile for the children of the future.

The Clinical Research Unit at Birmingham Children's Hospital
Setting up our fundraising activities with
Mr Stuart Reynolds (CEO. BCH Charity and Mr Guirish Solanki, Neurosurgeon)

And here we have our authors... You'll find all their books in the carousels to the right of your screen. Just click on a book cover to be taken to the amazon kindle store

Mike McNeff, America
Amy Metz, America
Wayne Zurl, America

C C Champagne

Carter Novels

Marion Tervitt, Scotland
Edward Lightfoot

Dave Miller
Joan Cook

Jean Reinhardt, Republic of Ireland

Sandy Kilpin Miller

Ray Gregory
Steve Sharpe ((with Ben)

Roger Price, England

Paul Anthony with Meg Johnston

 Come and meet some of our great supporters
Matt Shields
Harlequins Rugby Team
presenting his Wembley shirt to our Chiari Sufferer

Steve Borthwick - ex England Rugby Captain and now
Forwards Coach for Japan Rugby Team, with his team mates
sending a message from across the Atlantic

What is Chiari?
Watch this - all you need to know about Chiari

Chiari Awareness Video

Monday, 29 June 2015

Career Cop

Published in Print and Kindle - July, 2015
Career Cop by Steve Sharpe
Published by Paul Anthony Associates
Genre. Biography/Social History/Police

Quick Links- Click below to buy either the kindle or the printed book

This book tells the story of a lad from a council house background who followed a career with Cumbria Constabulary with no qualifications other than a willingness to work hard and learn from his peers. This book looks back at his life as a Police Officer.

The story within could bear great similarities to many others who followed the same route. Individual officers and other colleagues are rarely named but one or two of real significance are. When I say real significance I mean out of either respect for their personalities, skills, or just plain admiration and friendship.

I hope you enjoy the book. It’s my first crack at a literary work so no doubt a few grammatical errors have been committed. Hopefully they won’t spoil the read!

I enjoyed a long and happy career with Cumbria Police supported by my wife and family. I could not have done it without their support for which I will forever be grateful.

I hope in years to come, my Grandchildren will be able to read it and understand what Granddad did in his career.

Absolutely delighted to be associated with the author and his debut novel. I have known Steve for many years and he is a five star man who has written a five star book. His biography will make you cry, make you laugh, and make you proud of the police service in which he served. An absolute 'mustread' from a very determined gentleman.
Paul Anthony.... 

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Chatting with Carter Novels

Chatting with Carter Novels

My pleasure today to introduce you to a quite amazing writing couple from America who – together – are Carter Novels.

Welcome to my home in cyber-space. Thanks for dropping in to see us.  Tell me, whereabouts do you both live?
RC & JP: Thank you for inviting us into your home in cyber-space. We currently make our home in Miami, Florida due to a job assignment. Our family is living in the Tampa Bay area of central Florida and we plan on moving back there in a few years.

Q. How does the writing process work for you both? Is one of you writer and the other editor, or what?
A. It depends on who is taking the lead and what we are writing
RC:  In BIOPRINTS, FLASH ZOMBIES and CLONE DRONES, I took the lead and would write the first draft.
JP: At that point, I would read the first draft and either add material, subtract material or leave it as it was. Then we would collaborate on the third draft.

Q. Are you full time writers or do you have a day jobs?
RC:  I have a day job working as an Air Traffic Controller.
JP:  Since we moved to Miami I no longer have a day job. We both enjoy conducting paranormal investigations whenever we can.

Q. What inspired you to become writers?
RC: In middle school I was inspired by Tolkien and wrote my first novel which, unfortunately turned out to have too many similarities to The Hobbit. I enjoyed creating another world and continued to write short stories and poetry after that as a hobby.
 JP: In the first grade I wrote, directed and starred in an Easter play that was performed in the evening at my school and was open to the public. My play was featured in an article in the local newspaper. So, at the ripe old age of five years the writing bug bit and has been with me ever since.

Q. It must be quite difficult to write a novel when you both have input into the process. How do you resolve problems or does it just work naturally for you?
RC: It actually flows well. It helps to have a different perspective following behind and catching things early in the story that just don’t work.
JP: RC often looks at things in a different way than I do and thinks of things that I would not have thought of. On the other hand, I think of things he would not think of and can add ideas from a different perspective.

Q. Do you ever argue about plotlines or character details?.
RC: Sometimes I have a plotline in my head or character personality and it doesn’t quite translate onto the page. Since it’s a constant rewriting process, we are geared to discuss the discrepancies and correct them as we go along.
JP: We both have strong opinions and ideas about how the plot should go and who the characters are. Of course we often disagree about how a character would act or speak. However, we don’t argue about it, we discuss it. We often write it more than one way and then mutually agree on which way it reads best.

Q. Do you base your characters on real people you have met or are they a product of the imagination.
RC:  So far it’s a mixture of imagination and real people. Most of the characters in the O’Rourke series are made up with strong resemblances to people we know well.
JP: No matter how our characters start out, whether a mixture of imagination and of people we know, they quickly develop personalities of their own.

Q. What is your favourite genre to write in and why?
RC: So far I really enjoy writing detective/mystery/crime novels. I enjoy reading historical fiction but I don’t have the patience for the research required to weave the story together.
JP: At the moment I am researching the Phoenician time period. I am enjoying it far more than I thought I would. I’m in the process of writing a fictionalized account of the life of the life of Jezebel. It is a project about which I am very excited. I am also writing a non-fiction book about our paranormal experiences. After I have finished the first drafts, RC will come in and do his rewrites.

Q. Are you a reader yourself and if so what kind of books do you enjoy?
RC: I enjoy crime novels, mysteries, fantasies and science fiction. The crime novels I like best involve detectives and crime investigations. My favourite authors are Max Collins, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.
JP: I love to read. I enjoy detective novels, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy novels, and cozy mysteries.

Q. What do you see as the biggest challenge to being a writer today?
 RC & JP: The biggest challenge as Indie authors is getting our books out in front of potential readers.

Q. Are you currently published or do you have a ‘work in progress’ you can tell us about?
RC & JP: In addition to the ‘works in progress’ JP described, we have written the first three books in the O’Rourke Crime Novels series with more to follow. BIOPRINTS, FLASH ZOMBIES and CLONE DRONES are available in both paperback and eBook editions through Amazon. The series follows Ryan O’Rourke and his team of investigators as they use old school detective methods to solve high-tech crimes.

Q. Did you design the book cover or did someone do it for you?
RC & JP: We designed our own book covers. We intend to continue the simple red, white and black theme so the O’Rourke series will be easily recognizable.

Q. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
RC & JP: The place we want to live is near our children and their families in the Tampa Bay area of Florida on the waterfront.

Q. What hobbies do you have?
RC & JP: We enjoy writing, traveling, cruising, visiting museums and investigating every haunted place we can find.

Q. Where  can we find out more about your work?
A. Amazon Author’s Page  Our website: 

Q. And where can we follow and support you on social media sites?
A. You can friend us on Facebook at and/or LIKE our Book page at Follow us on twitter: RC @rcarter67606  JP @JPCarter47 

For UK readers, follow this link to Carter Novels in the UK Kindle store.
OR check out the crime thrillers on the carousels where you will find all three of the books featured here.

Thank you for chatting today and good luck with your work.