Saturday, 7 January 2017


Welcome to an excerpt from an international chase thriller featuring the life of a double agent - Pegasus. 
Admiral Crow continued to study the map, was aware of his undisputed authority, and without losing focus replied, ‘Let him hear the tape, Commander. He’s entitled.’

Engaging Mansfield, Commander Pape invited him to take a seat, flicked a switch on the radio apparatus and said, ‘It rolls on for a few minutes or more. In a couple of places gunfire can be heard.’
Mansfield relaxed, sat down, and listened to the commentary. There was a hint of static before the narration burst into life:

This is Sabre One, I have control.’
‘’Roger, Foxtrot out.’
‘Sabre One to Sabre units, I have control, stand by, four x-rays in sight.’
‘Sabre One, I have control... Stand by.... Stand by.... Stand by..... Go!’
‘Sabre Three, X-Ray Two down,’
‘Sabre Two, X-Ray Three down.’
‘Sabre Three, X-Ray Four down.’
‘Sabre One confirms device safe, repeat device safe.’
Sabre One, all units, X-Ray One escaping.’
‘Sabre One calling Foxtrot, reporting a contact. Three X-Rays down. Device is safe. X-Ray One has escaped across the border. Authority to pursue requested.’
‘Negative, Sabre One. Abort, abort, abort.’
‘Roger Foxtrot. All Sabre Units... Abort... Abort.... Abort.... Stand down to the extraction point.’
Commander Pape looked approvingly into Mansfield’s solid grey eyes and offered, ‘Congratulations, Mansfield. An excellent result, I believe.’
Tetchily, Mansfield challenged Commander Pape stating, ‘With respect, Commander, X-Ray One is Conor O’Keeffe and he quite clearly escaped from right under the noses of Sabre Force. Apart from being the leader of an active service unit he has the eyes and ears of the Republican Movement. Conor is no idiot and neither is Dublin Command. It will take them only a short time to work out Pegasus is the informant. It’s the third time in as many months Pegasus has provided pre-emptive intelligence allowing us to disrupt terrorist activity.’
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