Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Strike! Strike! Strike! - an autobiography

An autobiography from Paul Anthony
Published March, 2016

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From tea-maker to spy-catcher,

From errand boy to counter terrorist detective via Cumbria Constabulary, The Regional Crime Squad, The Special Branch, The Anti Terrorist Branch, the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Security Service.... Prepare to laugh, prepare to cry.....

350 pages accounting for 33 years of policing in the United Kingdom. The story....... so far.....

Amazon Verified Reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this latest book from a hugely talented author drawing 
on a vast array of experience of dealing with the full spectrum of personal and 
professional human strengths, weaknesses, victories, frustrations, success, disaster 
and all the emotions involved which comprise the sometimes straight forward but 
often  complex life of a Police Officers service to the public.In particular I enjoyed 
the obvious dedication, humour, compassion and above all desire to get the job
done no matter  what the hurdles encountered along the way. 
WARNING make sure you have set enough time aside to read right through 
this book because once you pick it up you will only put it down when you 
come to the end.
One of those books that seem to stick to your hands because you can't put it down.
 As if you are there at his shoulder. a very varied and worthy career of a front line 
Bobby from boy to manhood.
Excellent book. What a great read. How things have changed.
What a page turner beware once you start reading it is difficult to stop ! 
Well written and researched just what we have come to expect from this
 talented author

 Great Autobiography 
Paul Anthony (a pen name) has written a remarkable autobiography of his 
lifetime of police activities in England. As he desribes it, "A policeman's
 story, from tea-maker to spy catcher, from errand boy to counter-terrorist 

Paul Antony has writtena brilliant, humorous at times, collection of 

short stories describing his journey up the ranks of policing in England.
From a Cadet at the age of 16 through Traffic cop, and the  Criminal
Investigation Department, and The Regional Crime Squad, 
and  eventually to  Head of Special Branch, he describes the life, the 
camaraderie, the esprit, the pride, and the importance of the police to society.
Today some people in America have lost faith in the police. If people in 
America would read Paul Anthony's book, "Strike! Strike! Strike!", 
I know it would change some minds. I strongly recommend this book to all!

From the very start , this book rattles along, taking you on a journey
 that will keep you hooked until the end. 
Be prepared to go through all your emotions, as you
 are told of the many true stories that happened to the author during
 his service in the  Cumbria Police. 
 "Now't ever happens in Cumbria?" Oh yes it does. 
From catching burglars, dealing with fatalities to espionage and
 terrorism, it has it all,  oh I forgot, being chased by gorillas too
. A great read.

and another...... 
Couldn't put it down, memories are made from this read, showed
 the thin blue line at its best from start to finish