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Moonlight Shadows


Genre: Thriller / Historic Fiction /Murder Mystery

When Conor is betrayed, he spends the night hidden in the bracken surrounded by security forces hunting him down. As moonlight shadows flicker, he realises who is responsible. With his unit destroyed, Conor sets out for revenge.

But dark unspoken forces are at work and the track goes cold.

A decade later, Pegasus, a discredited British Intelligence Agent, produces a mysterious piece of computer software and demands reinstatement. The enigmatic software, carried in a memory stick, threatens to destabilise the world’s economy should it fall into the wrong hands.

Assured of peace, desperate to be home to be near her loved ones, Pegasus returns only to find herself plunged into a world where he who holds the software holds the future of the world in their hands.

O'Connell Bridge viewed from upstream

A breathtaking international chase involving terrorists, spies and criminals ensues with greed, corruption, dishonesty and mistrust, uncovered in the most powerful of places as the need to secure an enigmatic memory stick dominates proceedings, twists, and conspires to destroy the human relationships that so many take for granted.

Only Davies King, a chess playing, barfly of a detective, and his trusty team, seem capable of bringing sanity to the lawless corruption threatening the very fabric of a cyberspace driven society.

But all the men and women of power can be trusted with such responsibilities, can’t they? Or is one of their number a traitor to his country, a traitor to his calling..... A traitor of the worst kind. And there’s only one traitor.... Isn’t there?

Paul Anthony builds tension into every page. His characters are so real you will feel as if you know them, and believe me, some you will never want to know... A cracking read...  Pauline Livingstone, Editor and Book Critic.

Brilliant Book, Brilliant Author ... Mr B Smith (Verified amazon Purchase)

You'll need a passport to read this book. The action starts at O'Connell Bridge, Dublin. (AS ABOVE) and whisks you away to Japan where the enlightened one meets The Enlightened One at the statue of Bhudda, Kamakura.

And takes you on a whirlwind chase through Amsterdam - where the world's only floating flowermarket is central to the plot.

A cracking read from Paul Anthony and the third of his 'Davies King' detective novels..

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Wonderfully twisty mix of crime and spy thriller with great characters 
By Scott Whitmore
A bit of a genre-mix, part international espionage thriller and part crime mystery, Moonlight Shadows by Paul Anthony (@PaulAnthonysPen) features interesting and well-drawn characters, exciting bursts of action, multiple storylines, and more than a few well-placed plot twists. The story begins during "The Troubles" in Ireland as an active service unit of the Provisional Irish Republican Army heads into the borderlands separating the Republic from the British-controlled northern counties. From there the reader is swept up into a world of international intrigue in Japan and Amsterdam as well as common-sense policing in London and the English seaside town of Crillsea. The plots come together soon enough, and along the way the reader gets to spend plenty of time with Detective Chief Inspector Davies King, newly promoted but saddled with a green and ambitious "political" type. Joining the chess-playing Davies are most of the wonderful cast of characters introduced in The Conchenta Conundrum (see my review of that 5-star novel) including the proper and ultra-efficient office manager Claudia, who is -- as everyone who works there knows -- the glue that keeps the Crillsea "nick" running, as well as Archie, a Crillsea fixture not afraid to add a pint or two to the tab of DCI King. Other returning notables include larger-than-life Detective Chief Superintendent "Big Al" Jessop, Detective Sergeant Ted "Barney" Barnes -- whose days in the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) prove very useful -- and Detective Inspector Annie Rock, who I hope Mr. Anthony finds a larger role for in the future as her confidence and competence made her a favorite of mine. The new faces to the mix include a stone-cold Irish killer and plenty of shadowy intelligence types more used to lying than telling the truth.

Those familiar with Mr. Anthony's biography, which includes stints as a detective in local, regional and national police agencies in the United Kingdom, including the Special Branch (now known as Counter-Terrorism Command), will take special interest in the "behind the scenes" aspect of this story. When DCS Big Al Jessop puts an operation in motion to nab some robbers in London or a PIRA Active Service Unit's movements in the Republic are monitored, there is a sense of utter authenticity to the proceedings; no extra drama needed.

Finally, as I've noted before I'm an Anglophile so the settings and dialogue were just the icing on a very tasty and satisfying treat of a story. The next DCI Davies King book is already out, so I'm adding Behead the Serpent to my To Read List straightaway, sure I am.

Moonlight Shadows is a gripping cat & mouse thriller where the enemy sometimes is closer than you think and maybe even someone you trust. Revenge always takes it toll in the end. Davies King puts everything on the line including his career to safeguard a virtual time bomb of international cyber secrets sleeping soundly in a memory stick. Moonlight Shadows is another intriguing, nail biting thriller! Well done Paul Anthony!

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Paul Anthony