Thursday, 5 January 2012

The Writing of Bushfire

This terrifying thriller of greed and deceit tells the tale of Cumbrian undercover detective, William Miller Boyd, working alongside a determined female British Intelligence officer, Antonia Harston-Browne; Hector, an American drug-busting legend, and a couple of Portuguese detectives - Raphael and Gordinho - as they battle against globally organised crime syndicates. As the story develops, they are unaware that some amongst them have different plans... Private and personal revenge...

As they gather for a crime conference in Lisbon, Boyd and Antonia travel to Glasgow airport for their flight but stop of at Gare Loch, near the Faslane Naval Base, Scotland, where Boyd is keen to show off a Trident nuclear submarine which was made in Barrow In Furness, Cumbria.
However, an assault from the beaches is taking place. The demonstrators are trying to prevent the vessel from making the high seas.

Canoes and dinghies attack the submarine which is protected by
the Ministry of Defence Police. But at the Naval base, protesters are attacking the perimeter fence and the police are responding.

 Eventually, the submarine makes the oceans and dives to the deep.

and Boyd and Antonia fly to Lisbon where they meet new friends at their conference.

But the stigma of 'Racism' rises its ugly head at the same time a bushfire tears through Portugal

                                        and the local 'Bombeiros'
rush to fight this terrible disaster
which threatens the cork plantations
lying between the Algarve and
Lisbon. For the heroic firemen of Portugal, it is a life or death race - and a young man from Monchique is fighting for his life - on his land.

Boyd discovers an old friend from the past. But the old friend is not a good friend - he's a terrorist and a criminal. As the conference ends and an investigation begins, Boyd, Antonia and Hector soon realise they are up against a drugs cartel intent on swamping Europe with illegal drugs.

A cannabis plantation is discovered in the mountains of Monchique...

                      And the horrors of heroin addiction are dealt with face to face... In many ways, this is quite an emotional book which tells a unique story from numerous angles. It is multi-layered and will appeal to those seeking an intelligent read and a clever plot.

It is a tale written from personal experience of the events of the bushfire in the Monchique Mountains in the early part of this millenium. And it is also a story of international crime at the most wicked level since it penetrates the essence of criminality and terrorism from all sides, captures espionage at its very best, and embraces the very core of human existence. This thriller is caught in a time-warp of reality with an extraordinary tale of spies and crooks and corruption. And it reveals the inner workings of the human mind and the relationships between people falling in love whilst facing the evils of life.

Although, I say it myself, it's a great book telling a quite awesome story .

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I won this book on Goodreads and enjoyed it very much. The International loctions and characters kept me on my toes and I thank Paul Anthony for a very good read. Here's to you Paul, looking forward to your next book. Peggy Simms., Goodreads


First book I've read by Paul and completely enjoyed it. Jack French, Goodreads
5.0 out of 5 stars Cracking read for lovers of thrillers, 12 July 2014
By Amazon Customer       Verified Purchase
Make no doubt about this author's credentials; he is clearly writing from experience and crafts well defined characters and spins them into a fast moving contemporary plot. I am an author myself, but far from let that dissuade you as to my independence, please be encouraged by it. One of the hardest jobs as a writer is to relax and enjoy a good yarn without over-reading something. Mr Anthony manged this for me as I was dragged effortlessly through this book. Good job well done.

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