Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Strike! Strike! Strike! - an #autobiography #truecrime

‘A policeman’s story’

 ‘from tea-maker to spy-catcher’

‘from errand boy to counter-terrorist detective’




‘Strike! Strike! Strike!’

An account of front line policing

by Paul Anthony



We moved in quickly from every angle imaginable. 

There were two of them who had arranged to sell secrets to a ‘potential hostile enemy’ and we’d been on them for over 18 months. 

Eventually, we intercepted Soviet spies sent from Moscow to do the deal and replaced them with our people. 

The traitors had planned their betrayal carefully and not left anything to chance. 

They were bright, clever, switched on, and well and truly on their stalks.

You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

Eyeing every possible hiding place our targets gradually neared the rendezvous point. Street by street, yard by yard, they came closer to us as we reeled them in like a fish on a line.

Yet our suspects were suspicious of the bite they were about to take.

Nervous, wary of everyone and everything, the conspirators knew what they were doing and why. It was no game of chance for them but, make no mistake, the dice was loaded in their favour. 

This was the big one. The one they’d planned for so long.

Eventually, there was a reluctant smile followed by a submissive sparkle from a sceptical eye. Their dream of wealth overwhelmed all other considerations and inspired them onwards.

For the opposition, it would be all over in half an hour and they’d be home free with riches beyond imagination. For us, we were still in the game, but it was all to play for.

They parked up, watched and waited with the engine running ready for a getaway if it all went wrong. Then a tall, bearded Russian carrying the money arrived and made a signal. 

Visibly relieved, two turncoats sighed, cut the engine, and got out of their vehicle. It was their move, and they were keen to get it all done, too keen perhaps. My heartbeat was ‘critical’, about to overload!

This has proved a very popular book for readers of true crime and biographies. Published in March, 2016, the book reached #1 in the UK  Kindle store in the first week of publication. It remained at #1 for 4 weeks. The book continued to occupy the TOP 100 and 18 months later,  in July 2017, the book was #24. In February 2021, the book dropped into the TOP 200. It is a Publishing House Bestseller and a Kindle Bestseller thanks to the support of the reading public. In the USA, the Kindle version reached #74

Well, you know what they say....
You're only as good as your last arrest....
Come and join me on the beat,
One day you we'll be in the Squad car together ...


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