Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The Amber Skye Interview #author

Welcome to the blogsite, Amber. Thank you for joining us.
Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A. As a thirty-nine-year-old wife and mother of two teenagers and a former third-grade teacher in a private school, I’m quite possibly an anomaly for authoring tales of Sapphic delight. And perhaps even more uncharacteristically, I’ve modeled the covers for six of my eight publications (Laci’s Lingerie and Block Party being the exceptions). But it was my husband, a writer himself, who encouraged me to regale y’all with my lesbian experiences…and yes, I’ve had plenty! And, quite simply, I’ve always found that reading sexual stories involving two women to be the most sensual and erotic. So, consequently, I believe that genre chose me, rather than me choosing it. And when I sat down to put my filthy imagination to work, the words flowed as naturally as the juices from the hoo-ha of a horny college coed. In fact, I’ve never outlined a story and I never know how they will end until I’m nearly finished with the tale.

Q. When you’re not writing, what leisure time activities or hobbies do you enjoy?
A. I’m a bit of a fitness junkie. I enjoy doing intense workouts like Insanity and Asylum as well as the p90x routines. Additionally, I hold a second-degree black belt in an Okinawan karate. I enjoy sports of all kinds—Sundays during football season are spent in the basement watching numerous games throughout the day. I’m a huge Falcons and Cowboys fan.

Q. Do you have a kindle, nook, or reading device yourself, or do you prefer to read from printed versions of a book?
A. I have both the kindle app and the nook app on my iPad. I rarely read from printed versions anymore.

Q. Which ‘genres’ do you prefer to read – and write? Is there a difference?
A. I read literary fiction, mysteries, romance, and erotica. I find authors like Lee Child and Harlan Coben highly entertaining, and my favorite erotica authors are Ella Ford, Veronica Savage, Patient Lee, and Clara Zaynn. I also enjoy Mischa Eliot and Kayleigh Patel.

Q. What inspires you – or has inspired you – to write a particular book?
A. So where do I get my ideas, and how do I proceed? I’ll tackle the idea aspect first. Shortly after deciding to embark on a career as an author, I was strolling through a local outdoor mall on a warm and lovely winter day. I was actively considering what I might write about, when I passed a lingerie store. I stopped and peered through the window before deciding to enter and browse—and no, it wasn’t a Victoria’s Secret. Upon entry to the upscale boutique, I was warmly greeted by an attractive black woman who was perhaps a few years my junior. A voluptuous redhead, with a most spectacular pair, also worked the store. And after making a few minor purchases, I exited—giddy and excited—with the idea for my first story.  A recent novelette, Block Party, evolved from another personal experience. I was painting the exterior of my front door on a beautiful October afternoon, when a pretty and perky blonde strolled into my yard and handed me a flyer for a neighborhood gathering. The beginning of Block Party is eerily similar to the actual events of that day, but the remainder of the story exists solely in the author’s dirty mind! The point is, I like writing about everyday people in common life situations…and then throwing my readers into a tizzy with the raunchy details of wild, lesbian fantasy.

Q. Do you write from imagination, personal experience, or a mixture?
A. It’s a mixture. The Pink Posse, which reached as high as #13 on the Amazon Lesbian Erotica Bestsellers List, is perhaps the closest to personal experience, with liberal sprinklings of hyperbole thrown in.

Q. Which of the books that you have written so far is your favourite and what can you tell us about it without giving the game away?
A. I have two favorites! I think my best writing is Community Cervix. A woman in her late twenties comes home to live with her father after a failed marriage and other rocky romances. She volunteers for a community service project in hopes of meeting a handsome fellow. Instead, she’s paired with a young woman for whom she once babysat. It’s more of an erotic romance between two women, and is definitely my softest piece.
My second choice is Side Out. After attending a women’s college volleyball game, I was inspired by all those cute fannies busting out of those tiny shorts. Two sophomores are seduced by a freshman who shows the older girls a few tricks and introduces them to the world of lady loving!

Q. Do you have a current ‘work in progress’? Can you tell us anything about it?
A. I just released Wet Chemistry. A dominant female professor seduces two of her students into some naughty after-hours lab experiments. It is the third story in the Jodi Trilogy. Laci’s Lingerie and Autumn Sizzle are the prequels, but they can easily be read out of order.

Q. What methods have you used to engage with your readership? Social media, press announcements, or book signings? What works for you that you might recommend for others?
A. I love interacting with folks on Twitter. I find it a great place to mix with other authors and have been quite successful using it as a source for promoting my work. I dabble on Facebook and Goodreads, but I don’t think either of those platforms are as amenable to an erotica author.

Q. Which gender and age group are your books targeted at?
A. I ask all who read my novellas and novelettes to be at least 18 years of age. If you are a minor, please do NOT pick up one of my stories. Be a kid! You have the rest of your life to be an adult!
In terms of gender, I suspect I have as many men fans as I do women! And I love that!

Q. What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone starting out on a writing career?
A. Have fun with it. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and view yourself as a storyteller.

Q. Do you have links on twitter or any other social media sites?

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