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Chatting with JAnn Bowers #poet #author

JAnn Bowers is an award-winning poet. She is the owner of Echoic Blog & E-Magazine and has written poetry for all ages.  Her poetry pertains mostly to love, spiritual, inspirational and life issues. She is in the process of writing her next poetry book and her memoir. She has experience in academic writing on all subjects which earn her great respect among her colleagues and professors. 

A member of Double Decker Books, her books have been promoted successfully in the past by KayCee K. Wingfield. JAnn was voted poet of the year for 2015 & 2016 by Double Decker Books. JAnn has self-published several poetry books in her past that are now out of publications. Anyone who wishes to read her past work must contact her directly via Social Media.

JAnn is a strong supporter, and advocate in her spare time, for 'Autism Awareness' for her disabled son. She is a lover of the 80’s music scene and spends her time listening to random songs from her childhood while she writes. A yogi, JAnn also finds comfort in meditating to release the anxiety and daily stressors. She is a major coffee drinker and she believes the power of her pen and paper should not be tampered with. 

Welcome to the blogsite, JAnn. Thank you for joining us.

Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A. My name is JAnn Bowers. I am a mom of four beautiful children, three of them are adults and my youngest, who is ten, is Autistic. I am also a grandma with two handsome grandsons, and one beautiful granddaughter. Besides being a mom and grandma, I am a poet and blogger. I always loved reading poems when I was younger and wrote a fair share but never told anyone or shared them. Then life got in the way and I quit writing. When my youngest was born, I was encouraged by a friend to get back into writing. I took her words to heart and here I am almost eleven years later and just released three books, “Illusions of Love”, “She’s Gone...Broken, Battered & Bruised” & “Only If I Could”

Q. When you’re not writing, what leisure time activities or hobbies do you enjoy?
A. I have several hobbies I do outside of writing, I enjoy reading poetry, contemporary romance, crime, short stories, biographies of rock stars, and memoirs. I also conduct deep research into my ancestry pasts and have a love for genealogy work. I also enjoy long walks, listening to 80’s music, baking and cooking foe my kids. I also am a rock hound and during the months when it is nice out, I am usually found out among nature enjoying its gifts.

Q. What drove you to begin a writing career?
A. Having a book published in the genre of poetry has always been a lifelong dream of mine that I kept buried for 21 years while I was married. I was always told by him that my poetry was never good enough and it was a waste of time, so when I divorced him, self-publishing was my first dream on my list. I laugh at the negative thoughts now and proceed forward with more intentions of getting out there and being known.

Q. What do you feel are the greatest challenges facing any writer at the present time?
A. The biggest challenge for any writer is writing the content to their liking and expressing their thoughts and ideas openly to a world of readers. I believe if one writes only for the exposure and not for themselves, they may reach their goal but with less happiness, solitude and fulfilment of reaching it. 

Q. Do you have an office or ‘space’ where you write from and is it at home, or elsewhere?
A.I have a small desk that I work from when I am doing Echoic’s work. However, when I am writing my poems it is usually done on my iPhone, I like the privacy of no one looking over my shoulder reading what I am writing. Also with having two bad hands it’s easier to type on my phone then at a keyboard.

Q. Do you write to a target – word count – every day, or do you have another writing discipline that you could share with us?
A. My writing discipline or routine varies from day to day depending on my schedule with my ten year old son who is Autistic. Some days I can have to write all day and others I am happy to get just one poem in. I never write for a target count or theme. I write from what flows from my fingertips onto the screen. But I do journal and keep my phone with me at all times just in case I need to jot something down.

Q. Do you write from imagination, personal experience, or a mixture?
A. My love poetry would have to come from my imagination on what I think love is and what kind of love I would want someday. My more personal poems come from personal experience and my past.

Q. Which of the books that you have written so far is your favourite and what can you tell us about it without giving the game away?
A. My favourite one would have to be, “She’s Gone…Broken, Battered & Bruised” because it was a release of heartbreak, anger and disappointment in my life. This book helped me to grow as a person, a mom and a writer. My second favourite would be “Only if I Could” because it displays a lot of emotions from different parts of my new life.

Q. When you have finished writing the book – what do you do next? By that I mean, do you edit the book yourself? Do you design your own book cover? Do you prepare a project plan to market your book?
A. When I feel I have written enough new poetry for my next book, I read through and choose the poems, then I pass it off to my daughter who reads over the poems and fills me in on her thoughts. Afterwards, I proceed to write my introduction or prologue and epilogue and then edit. My daughter KayCee K., creates all my graphics and covers for me. Once I choose my cover then I publish it through Pronoun. While my book is in the hands of Pronoun my daughter is creating poetry graphics and I am building my marketing plan.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone starting out on a writing career?
A. Write every day, make lists, write short phrases, keep track of thoughts and emotions and never give up! Don’t let someone else control your dreams, write from the heart and soul and write what fits you!

Q. If you were gifted an air ticket to ‘anywhere’, which destination would you choose above all others and why?
A. I would go to Sheffield, England to see where Def Leppard started their creation of the best rock band of the 80’s or visit Steve Clark’s grave.

Q. If you could invite three people from history to a dinner party. Who would you invite and why?
A. Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Steve Clark. Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson are my inspiration to why I write and Steve Clark is my favourite guitarist off all times

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