Sunday, 1 January 2017

A chat with Gerry Stewart #crimewriter

Welcome to the blogsite, Gerry. Thank you for joining us.
Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A. I am a retired police officer from Cumbria, but my wife Fiona still serves, so I keep up with the news. I was injured on duty which required spinal duty, and unfortunately wasn’t able to continue my career because of the risk factor. I have worked voluntarily with Witness Support at the local Crown Court. I have a B.Sc Degree (Open) from the Open University where I studies mostly military and American history. I am a qualified person centred counsellor. (Dip, H.E).
Q. When you’re not writing, what leisure time activities or hobbies do you enjoy?
A. I enjoy walking our dog, being pestered by the grandchildren and watching Rugby Union.
Q. Do you have any pets that are part of your household?
A. We have a retired police sniffer dog called Lily, a Cocker Spaniel. So far she hasn’t brought home any drugs, explosives or money.
Q. Do you have a kindle, nook, or reading device yourself, or do you prefer to read from printed versions of a book?
A  I much prefer the physical book, but I do read books on my ipad, mainly on the kindle for apple app.
Q. Who are your favourite authors?
A. Paul Anthony, Matt Hilton, Stephen Ambrose and Max Hastings.
Q. What drove you to begin a writing career?
A. Paul Anthony!
Q. Do you have a current ‘work in progress’? Can you tell us anything about it?
A. I am working on my third novel in the Credible Justice series. There will be some drama within that might mean a mighty change for my characters and the readers.
Q. Where do you see your primary market? The USA, UK, Europe, or elsewhere?
A. Everywhere? Although my first book is set in London and New York, so I guess my efforts are in both those countries eventually. I have American advisors for any further knowledge that I need be proficient and accurate.
Q. If you won a million pounds tomorrow, what would you do with the proceeds?
A. I would help out in some way in the rebuilding of my local Rugby club in Carlisle.
Q. Do you have website or social media page you would like to invite us to visit?
My website is  website  

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