Thursday, 5 January 2017

A chat with Devorah Fox #crimewriter

Welcome to the blogsite, Devorah. Thank you for joining us.

Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
A. I’m a task-oriented, caffeine-powered introvert who is usually overcommitted because I can’t say no to what seems like a worthwhile enterprise.

Q. Where do you live and do you have a day job?
A. I live on the Texas Gulf Coast. Since I have a day job and squeeze my fiction writing into my so-called spare time, I rarely get to go to the beach which is practically within spitting distance.

Q. Do you have any pets that are part of your household?
A. I have two tabby cats, Scottie, a rescued stray, and Shumba, adopted from the local animal shelter. Shumba is so handsome that I used his photo instead of mine for my Facebook author page profile. He gets lots of likes! For a brief time, Scottie had a by-lined magazine column. I also have a seven-foot tall pet dragon named Inky. He’s a delight unless he gets riled and starts torching the neighbourhood.

Q. Do you have a kindle, nook, or reading device yourself, or do you prefer to read from printed versions of a book?
A. My full-length novels are available in print and e-book formats and all of my titles are available in digital formats. I read a lot on Kindle for iPad, but I truly prefer a print book.

Q. Which ‘genres’ do you prefer to read – and write? Is there a difference?
A. I’ve been a Mystery/Thriller fan since I was a kid and read my mom’s Ellery Queen books when she was done with them. The first novels that I wrote were in the Mystery/Thriller genre. However, King Bewilliam’s story wanted to be told as a Fantasy. I certainly wasn’t going to give the Muse an argument. Recently, though, I’ve returned to the Mystery/Thriller genre.

Q. Do you have an office or ‘space’ where you write from and is it at home, or elsewhere?
A. I have a home office with a huge computer, a 27-inch monitor, and an obsolete eccentric keyboard that no one else likes. But my favourite place to write is scrunched in a beat-up old armchair, with a lined yellow tablet and a pen. Increasingly I do my first drafts in longhand which surprises even me since my handwriting is atrocious.

Q. Do you write to a target – word count – every day, or do you have another writing discipline that you could share with us?
A. When I do National Novel Writing Month, I aim to meet the target word count of 1667 per day. Recently I took a college writing course and the professor encouraged us to develop the practice of writing a page a day. I can’t say that I haven’t missed a day but it’s a good discipline, so I aim to write a little something most days.

Q. What inspires you – or has inspired you – to write a particular book?
A. I was inspired to write “The Lost King” by the experience of a friend whose life had completely derailed. I wanted to see if I could make that end happily ever after. I turned out to be harder than I anticipated; so far, there are four books in that series.

Q. Do you have a current ‘work in progress’? Can you tell us anything about it?
A. I’ve revisited the first novel that I wrote in 1993. It’s languished in a drawer until last year when I gave it another look. It’s getting a second chance: it’s my 2017 work-in-progress.

Q. Which gender and age group are your books targeted at?
A. I think that I write for adults, but a number of people have remarked that the King Bewilliam series has young adult appeal.

Q. What is the funniest thing that happened to you in 2016?
A. I attended a dinner-and-a-play event at our local community theatre. Among my tablemates were a couple who were not only from my New York hometown, but who also were in my high school graduating class. What are the chances?

Q. Do you have website or social media page you would like to invite us to visit?
A. I do have a blog at People can also sign up to receive my e-newsletter but following this link:

Q. Do you have links on twitter or any other social media sites?
A. Links? Do I have links?

Twitter: @devorah_fox
amazon author page:

Thank you for joining us, Devorah. Your sense of humour has just brightened my day but I don’t ever want to meet Inky. I’ve never been able to get on with angry dragons. Good luck with your books….

Here’s a sample of some of Devorah’s books. For the complete entourage, don’t forget to visit her amazon page as above.