Thursday, 11 August 2016

Editing for Indies

Paul Anthony Associates provide editorial services for independent authors, as well as a consultancy service to help writers get published in either kindle or print. PAA have helped over 40 authors from across the globe and published their work in kindle and in print.

Competitive prices for editing apply and are negotiable. Usually a work of 60,000 words might cost £75 (GB) or $100 (US), and will include a proper receipt, a lengthy report, and a residual relationship that seeks to develop publishing potential and develop writing expertise. Works of 70 - 100,000 cost £100 ($125)

Your work can be edited by three editors - one reads for plot and story line, one reads for grammar and spelling, and one reads 'line by line'..... We also edit filmscripts and screenplays.

Payment upfront via paypal, electronic files only, all genres considered. Contact via for quote and / or discussion...

Then all you have to do is 'get published'.... sit back, and be happy for your readers....